Residential Insulation FAQs

2019-05-26T19:35:38-04:00By |Categories: Insulation|

Q: What type of insulation do I need? A: The type of insulation you need actually depends on where it needs to be installed, what R-values are required, and your budget. The U.S. Department of Energy recommends different R-values for different zones. Q: What is loose-fill fiberglass? A: Loose-fill fiberglass insulation is usually blown into unfinished attics, [...]

Do You Have Ice Dams?

2019-05-26T12:05:08-04:00By |Categories: ice dams, Insulation|

Here at Superior Insulation Services we try to look at the bright side of things. The weather this month has been cold and it's going to get colder. We’ve had several weeks of cold temperatures that have kept snow on our roofs and the ground. This is the perfect time to take a look at your [...]

The Difference Between Fiberglass And Spray Foam Insulation

2019-05-24T10:13:40-04:00By |Categories: Insulation|

When choosing insulation for your home there are a couple of different choices for your home. There are certain advantages to choosing the right insulation for your house. The two most popular options are fiberglass and spray foam insulation. When making a choice in insulating your home consider the following options. Fiberglass is still the most [...]

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