Superior Insulation is the number one choice for Injection Foam in Connecticut.

What is the difference?

Unlike spray foam, there is no need for leaving the home when the application is being made, since there is no odor caused by off-gassing. Plus, this is a product with low shrinkage and ultra-low odor. It is a Class I rated product and meets or exceeds all building code requirements.

In a 4 inch thick wall, injection foam achieves an R-Value of R-16. That means it is efficient and that it can provide insulation from heat in such harsh summers that occurs in Connecticut every year. Plus, it works perfectly for bigger buildings, providing same protection, insulation and efficiency as small houses.

And when applied to a 6 inch thick wall, it can achieve an amazing R-Value of R-24!

Injection foam also contains three EPA listed antifungal additives and is tested for termite and mold resistance, rendering a safer, better house.

We install the InsulSmart Interior Foam Insulation® product line.

Injection foam
Such as regular spray foam, injection foam provides a great experience and makes the whole house more comfortable. But you will soon see that there are indeed differences and how Superior injection foam insulation contractors in CT and RI can help you with that decision.

What is injection foam?

NASA developed injection foam in the 1970’s. But soon it was discovered that it can provide great benefits to both regular and scientifical purposes. After that, that method started being used in environments such as studded walls and cathedral ceilings. It is also used in insulating concrete block walls in commercial applications such as in big box stores and in residential retrofit block/stucco walls. Injection foam can also be used to insulate the cavity behind brick walls.

It also provides great sound isolation, making it perfect for environments such as apartment buildings and houses that are very near to each other. Or when you just want to keep external sounds from entering your house, making it perfect for studios and radio stations.

Extremely Versatile

So versatile it can be used to re-insulate existing homes that contain little or no insulation. Even if the wall cavities are filled with ineffective insulation.

Multiple Advantages

Injection foam insulation is perfect for improving thermal insulation or for sound reduction from either inside the home or the exterior.

Many Applications

Injection foam can be injected from the interior or exterior of a home or commercial building. As well as through existing brick walls.


We install the InsulSmart Interior Foam Insulation® product line.

  • The smart choice for insulating new & existing walls.
  • Safely and easily installed in residential & Commercial structures.
  • Injection foam insulation is perfect for improving thermal insulation or for sound reduction.

Injection Foam Insulation Provides Outstanding Insulating Value

  • Installed in a 4″ thick wall achieves an R-Value of R-16
  • Installed in a 6″ thick wall achieves an amazing R-Value of R-24
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