With summer now officially here, you’ve probably already made sure that your air conditioner is in good enough shape to deal with the added stress. However, have you made sure that your duct system is just as ready? The ductwork in your home has a huge impact on the efficiency of your climate control systems, as well as the overall comfort in your home. Read more find out more about why duct sealing and duct insulation is a necessity.


Ducts may seem like sturdy constructions, but they’re not. In fact, ductwork is extremely vulnerable to developing leaks over time. Though each individual leak tends to be small, they add up quite quickly. The US Department of Energy has estimated that the average forced air system loses as much as 30% of its output to duct leaks. So, if you haven’t ever had your ducts sealed and insulated, it’s possible that nearly a third of your system’s output is going to waste. That forces the system to stay on for longer and for warmer air to blow out. Duct sealing and insulation will help restore that lost output, making your home more comfortable and your wallet thicker.


Normally, ducts are sealed by painting mastic into the leaks. Mastic is a type of epoxy that stiffens once dry or by completely covering the ductwork with Spray Foam Insulation. Spray Foam Insulation is strong enough to seal leaks, but flexible enough to move with the ducts without cracking. By sealing and spray foaming your ductwork you will find that your havoc system will function more efficiently and blow out cooler or warmer air depending on what your goal is for the season.

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