How to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

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If you’ve ever experienced summer without proper cooling, you know what that means: lots of sweating, cold showers, and box fans. Worse, your home energy costs could skyrocket, and you could start feeling the effects of extreme heat on your physical health. But there are a few easy ways to keep your home cool in [...]

Spray Foam Temperature Guide

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Before installing spray foam insulation, you must first consider the temperature of your environment. Since spray foam is a mixture of chemicals, you can imagine that these chemicals will act differently under different temperatures. Similarly, since spray foam starts as two liquids, you will need to find out what temperature each liquid freezes at. There [...]

Spray Foam Can Regulate Your House Temperature

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When it comes to insulating the house, fiberglass tends to be the common form of insulation. However, after comparing fiberglass and spray foam insulation, it’s shocking how fiberglass tends to be the lesser of the two. Although it has deemed reliable over the years, there are way more benefits to insulating your home with spray foam. [...]

How Insulation Help You Get Through The Warm Seasons

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Insulation isn’t only a benefit for your North East home during those winter months the middle of winter it can be just as effective when it comes to keeping the heat out of your home when the sun’s beating down in the middle of those Summer months. If your home gets really hot in the [...]

Insulation Inspection Areas that are Often Overlooked

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It’s typical for homeowners to forget checking the insulation, because it’s rarely seen after a construction or renovation. Checking parts of your home that lack insulation will help you determine the areas prone to leakage and where you can apply spray foam for better insulation. Pipes As the temperature drops, uninsulated pipes are at risk of [...]

Benefits of Spray Foam Installation

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Spray polyurethane foam offers the following advantages, increasing your ROI on the installation fee. 1. Higher R-Values Spray foam insulation boasts the highest R-value, or insulating power, among all insulation methods. Closed-cell foam has an R-value of around 6.5 to 7 per inch. Since the foam retains its shape, it’s more solid and offers higher [...]

Do You Have Issues Keeping The Room Above Your Garage Hot or Cold?

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It is common for homes to feature a room above the garage. These bonus rooms can help to create extra functional space without needing to expand into your yard. Despite the number of possible uses for the space, it isn’t without some drawbacks. Rooms over a garage can be an insulating challenge when it comes to [...]

Benefits of Home Insulation

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The benefits of home insulation range anywhere from reducing energy consumption to keeping your home warm and cozy in the cold Massachusetts winter. Properly insulating your home is one of the best ways to improve its longevity and reduce your energy bills. While many homeowners only think of insulation in the colder months, it actually [...]

How to Survive a New England Winter

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New England weathers have always been pretty rough in comparison to the rest of the country. Not to mention this year we can expect the return of the Polar Vortex. With sub-zero temperatures on their way, it’s only natural to want to stay home and wait until warmer weather is upon us. Too bad many [...]

Insulation 101

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Insulating your attic might not be as flashy or sexy as installing a new kitchen or adding a bathroom or investing in a high-tech HVAC system, but it is one of the best bang-for-the-buck ways to add value to your Connecticut home-  or to save money on your home energy bill. I mean did you [...]

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