Air Sealing and Insulation- A Benefit in the Summer and the Winter

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Are you tired of chilly window drafts and stepping on cold floors? Are you tired of bundling up in one room because it’s so much colder than the one you just left? Conversely, are you equally fed up with heat waves that render your living space unbearable? And, even worse, that send your power bills [...]


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WHY SHOULD YOU DESIGN WITH SPRAY FOAM? Spray foam is more than just a high R-value insulation: Spray foam is an air barrier. Strong air barriers are now an big part of building codes and standards, and they can increase the efficiency of HVAC systems, which could allow for additional savings in reduced HVAC requirements. [...]

What’s The Difference Between Open Cell and Closed Cell Foam

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The Differences Between Open Cell and Closed Cell Polyurethane Spray Foam Polyurethane spray foam is a widely used and widely accepted method of providing insulation for a broad range of applications, from refrigerator interiors to attic crawlspaces. The benefits of a spray foam, as opposed to other types of insulation, include quick application, dexterity in hard [...]

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