Indoor Humidity & How To Fix it

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New England can get a bit muggy during the warmer months making excessive humidity not just a concern for the outside, but it can also be an issue inside your home. High humidity isn’t just uncomfortable, it can cause real issues in your home that can lead to health issues as well as energy efficiency [...]

Best Areas For Insulation To Get You Through The Summer

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Insulation isn’t only a benefit for your North East home during those winter months the middle of winter it can be just as effective when it comes to keeping the heat out of your home when the sun’s beating down in the middle of those Summer months. If your home gets really hot in the [...]

Ways To Make Your Home More Comfortable

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One of the most expensive aspects of being a homeowner is spending money heating and cooling your home. It can sometimes be a grind and trying to find that perfect comfort level in your home. As we all know New England winters and summers can be very unpredictable. As a homeowner you should look for [...]

Air Sealing and Insulation- How it Can Benefit You This Summer

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Summer is a month away, are you ready? You want to get ahead of these warm temperatures so you don't have heat waves leavingg your home unbearable? Another downfall to Summer is if your power bills start to go through the roof as your energy-burning air conditioner struggles to cool the house. Luckily we a [...]

Make Your Home Energy Efficient This Spring

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“Spring has sprung”…as they say. For many, this means great weather and finally being able to be outdoors more. For others, spring is the time of year for cleaning and home improvements, especially because the heat of summer is right around the corner. The more you get done when temperatures are mild, the less you’ll have [...]

Reasons Why You Should Insulate An Old Home

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There are many reasons why you should insulate an old house. A lot of houses before the 1960s do not have any kind of insulation. The reason is that energy costs were so low that people didn’t think they needed to save money on heating and cooling their house. If you enjoy your house and [...]

Attic Insulation: How Much Can You Save?

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Living in New England it can feel like we will never be able to break the loop of high energy bills. From cold winters that regularly drop below freezing, or dealing with intensely hot summer it can seem like and endless cycle. Honestly who wants to deal with high energy bills on a monthly basis, [...]

Common DIY Mistakes with Spray Insulation Foam

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DIY projects, and redoing your whole home yourself has become a huge trend. Renovation ideas and projects are everywhere, whether it's on HGTV, Pinterest, Instagram, in a magazine, or seeing a neighbor/ family member do it. Everyone wants to channel their inner Joanna Gaines, but there are just some jobs that shouldn't be done yourself. [...]

Air Sealing and Insulation- A Benefit in the Summer and the Winter

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Are you tired of chilly window drafts and stepping on cold floors? Are you tired of bundling up in one room because it’s so much colder than the one you just left? Conversely, are you equally fed up with heat waves that render your living space unbearable? And, even worse, that send your power bills [...]


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WHY SHOULD YOU DESIGN WITH SPRAY FOAM? Spray foam is more than just a high R-value insulation: Spray foam is an air barrier. Strong air barriers are now an big part of building codes and standards, and they can increase the efficiency of HVAC systems, which could allow for additional savings in reduced HVAC requirements. [...]

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